My Surroundings

As requested by 2nat20s, I stepped outside my apartment complex and took some photos of the scenery.  I was unable to capture any images of the myriad of lizards running around, but I hope you enjoy the photos I took.  If there are any other requests, generic or specific, please leave them in the comments and I will try to accommodate!



I adore owls.  My house is covered in owl stuff.  I was really excited when I found a family of 5 owls in the tree outside my house a few years ago, especially since they let me take as many photos of them as I wanted.  The little baby one was my favorite.

I was going to take some photos at a swimming hole with some friends in celebration of Litha today, but that went bust.  They’re all still going swimming, but I couldn’t manage to overcome my fear of being the odd man out since I’m terrified of putting on a bathing suit and people looking at me.  My body dysphoria is pretty bad and it’s going to be hot as hell outside today.  I couldn’t handle being in a bathing suit and swimming, nor would I be able to handle just sitting around outside in 95 degree weather.  So I backed out at the last minute and will just go to the celebration at my friend’s house tonight.

I feel bad that I backed out, but I couldn’t breathe whenever I thought about going.  I tried to, especially since I was able to take the key chain chain mail class the other day, but I guess this was just too big of a step.

Anyway, enjoy my owl photos instead.