Yay Food!

My boyfriend’s birthday was June 30th (which also added to the busy week) and I cooked him dinner before going to a nerd bar with a couple friends and playing board games while drinking.

I was pretty proud of my dinner, which consisted of spiral cut, brown sugar ham, honey garlic roasted carrots, and candied yams.  For dessert, I made an apple pie from scratch (everything but the crust anyway), which he ate 90% of in one sitting.  I don’t usually take photos of food, but I felt my pie was impressive enough to do so.

Apple Pie I Made


My Birthday

My birthday was the 6th and it was much better than I expected.  My mother came into town on the 5th and we did an escape room that night.  We were just 2 puzzles away from escaping, so I was pretty proud of us.  On my birthday, we went to karaoke for my “party” (I don’t know if I would call it a party, but maybe a get together?) and way more people showed up than I expected.  Excluding me, seven people were there.  It made me really happy and I had an awesome time.

My boyfriend also ensured he got me earrings and Pandora charms I’d been wanting.  He and one of my friends put their heads together and were able to get me the new Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose charm, Mrs. Potts, my favorite safety chain, and the matching purple flower dangle earrings and studs.  My Pandora bracelet is pretty much full now and I didn’t think I would ever wear a full Pandora bracelet.

So it was a really awesome week and I have a few “assignments” to do now that life has calmed back down.  I have to find a new apartment since our lease is up in October and I refuse to resign the lease with the new management.  I have to take the online orientation course before the actual school orientation on the 14th (I’m returning to college this fall for my bachelors in psychology), look into working with my stepfather on expanding the availability of my self-published book, Daughter of the Moon, to additional sites other than just Amazon, and a few other things.

Perhaps I should write a to-do list at this point…? I’m usually pretty good at remembering things but this list is getting a bit long.  Ah well.  My creative posts will most likely restart now that the craziness has calmed down.  Thanks everyone for your patience!

And again, if there is anything you’d like to see from me, leave it in the comments!  It could be anything, a photograph (specific or generic request), poem topic, writing prompt, or just a topic you’d like me to talk about in general.  Enjoy your day!