My Birthday

My birthday was the 6th and it was much better than I expected.  My mother came into town on the 5th and we did an escape room that night.  We were just 2 puzzles away from escaping, so I was pretty proud of us.  On my birthday, we went to karaoke for my “party” (I don’t know if I would call it a party, but maybe a get together?) and way more people showed up than I expected.  Excluding me, seven people were there.  It made me really happy and I had an awesome time.

My boyfriend also ensured he got me earrings and Pandora charms I’d been wanting.  He and one of my friends put their heads together and were able to get me the new Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose charm, Mrs. Potts, my favorite safety chain, and the matching purple flower dangle earrings and studs.  My Pandora bracelet is pretty much full now and I didn’t think I would ever wear a full Pandora bracelet.

So it was a really awesome week and I have a few “assignments” to do now that life has calmed back down.  I have to find a new apartment since our lease is up in October and I refuse to resign the lease with the new management.  I have to take the online orientation course before the actual school orientation on the 14th (I’m returning to college this fall for my bachelors in psychology), look into working with my stepfather on expanding the availability of my self-published book, Daughter of the Moon, to additional sites other than just Amazon, and a few other things.

Perhaps I should write a to-do list at this point…? I’m usually pretty good at remembering things but this list is getting a bit long.  Ah well.  My creative posts will most likely restart now that the craziness has calmed down.  Thanks everyone for your patience!

And again, if there is anything you’d like to see from me, leave it in the comments!  It could be anything, a photograph (specific or generic request), poem topic, writing prompt, or just a topic you’d like me to talk about in general.  Enjoy your day!


My Surroundings

As requested by 2nat20s, I stepped outside my apartment complex and took some photos of the scenery.  I was unable to capture any images of the myriad of lizards running around, but I hope you enjoy the photos I took.  If there are any other requests, generic or specific, please leave them in the comments and I will try to accommodate!


“Unique” is viewed as negative, despite what mama said
Your peers will knock your psyche down and say you were misled
It happens all throughout your life, molding who you are
“Unique” becomes a synonym to the word “bizarre”

But what does “unique” really mean and why is it dismissed?
Why does being “different” mean you cannot coexist?
People never seem to like what they can’t comprehend
And since you tend to baffle them, they’re quick to condescend

You’re “unique” if you don’t care about the gossip string
Or if you forgo fancy clothes and never want offspring
If your opinions differ from the one-track minded mass
You are shunned and find yourself now at an impasse

You could pretend to fall in line, abandon your ideals
Resign yourself to hiding what they want you to conceal
A life like that holds many friends, acceptance by the crowd
But you will always know it’s just your mask that is allowed

Eventually that way of life is sad and lonely still
For even with your friends around, they never can fulfill
The missing piece within your soul that you can’t seem to find
Because it’s not external and you had it redefined

The other option’s just as sad, for acceptance doesn’t come
And loneliness does have a way of making one feel numb
But on this route you have a chance to find out who you are
Listen to yourself alone, you’ll shine as your own star

An understanding of yourself begins alone and tough
But over time you’ll realize you’re glad you did rebuff
The world’s attempt to mold you into something that you’re not
You are an individual, not a massive, copied thought

One day you will find your place among the restless swarm
And you’ll meet others who, like you, never will conform
You will understand what mama meant when she professed
“Unique” is not a bad thing, you are one of the blessed

Rediscovering my Hobbies

The writing prompt and poem I posted yesterday were the first pieces I have written in a very long time.  The response my poem received was surprising and made me really happy, so thank you all so much for your likes and comments!

I have been out of work for almost a week now and have another to go (at least) because I’m having an allergic reaction to something there.  I have no idea what it is and my doctor signed a note stating I would be out of work from June 22nd through July 8th so I had time to recover and see an allergist.  It has been a very slow recovery process.  Whatever the allergen is, it built up in my system and caused increasing issues over the course of a month until it got so bad that I couldn’t be at work longer than an hour without having difficulty breathing.  I’m still taking benedryl as I wait for the referral to the allergist to process in order to calm the flares.  My coughing has finally started to seem like it’s breaking stuff up in my chest though, so hopefully it doesn’t take much longer.

Even though we need the money and can’t afford for me to be out of work, I’m trying to use this time to find my hobbies again.  My anxiety wraps me up so tightly in everything I have to do so now that I don’t have that long list (because I can’t really do much but sit at home and breathe), I have the opportunity to decompress enough to write.

It took a few days for me to be able to do anything hobby-like, but I’m finally rediscovering the joy that writing brings me.  Hopefully after the allergies have gone and I’m back at work that doesn’t vanish again.

Maybe I’ll write another poem again today.

Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt:  Someone is following you.  Who is it?  What does the person want?

I stepped out of the gas station and was hit in the face with hot, muggy air.  It was suffocating and the last thing I wanted to do was walk home in it, even though my destination was only 15 minutes away.

“Damn this habit,” I muttered, pulling a cigarette out of the fresh pack I’d just bought.  I put it to my lips and lit it as I began the walk home.  I can’t breathe out here anyway, what’s the difference?

As I rounded the corner of the gas station, a bit of movement caught the corner of my eye.  Puffing on the cigarette again, I saw a man lingering by the side of the building.  He looked right at me and something about his gaze made me nervous.  His dark hair was disheveled and his grungy t-shirt stuck to his body, soaked in sweat.  I figured he was homeless, and while I harbored no ill will towards those unfortunate enough to live on the streets and would usually stop and chat if asked or even buy them some food now and then, this guy made me uneasy.

I looked him dead in the face as I moved on towards the street and took note of his features and what he was wearing just in case.  Perhaps my extended gaze made me seem more interested than wary though, because after realizing I’d seen him he stepped down off the curb.

I immediately picked up my pace and took another drag of my cigarette, already preparing to have to put it out on this guy’s face.  He hadn’t called out for me, so my stomach turned upside down when I glanced over my shoulder and saw he was still following me.  I increased my speed to a power walk.

My heart was pounding as I neared the entrance to my apartment complex.  I lived all the way in the back, so it would be a while longer until I was safe inside my building.  I contemplated knocking on someone’s door and asking for an escort to my apartment, but hoped the complex would discourage the man behind me.  The sun was only just setting so people were still out and walking around – I doubted he would follow me in here.

He did follow me in, though. As I continued towards my building, I looked for anyone outside that I might be able to stop and talk to as a deterrence.  I had no such luck and he was gaining on me.  He had graduated to a jog and I tossed my cigarette butt aside so I could have both hands free.

I am not a fast runner.  Running would only exhaust me for when he inevitably caught up.  I could run up to someone’s door and bang on it, hoping for a savior, but the resident might not be home.  The only viable option I could see now was to stand my ground and hope I could incapacitate him enough to flee to safety.  He was still jogging towards me, so perhaps I’d have the advantage since I wasn’t winded.

In one swift motion, I through my purse off my shoulder to the ground and spun on my heels to face him.  I brought my fists to my face and prepared for a fight.  I waited for him to increase his speed and try to barrel me over, so I ensured my balance was stable enough to move in any direction.

He was only a few feet away from me when I turned.  Shock spread across his face and he skidded to a halt, raising his hands in surrender.  I straightened, confused as hell.  I opened my mouth to ask what he wanted, but he beat me to it.

“I’m sorry, I really just need a light,” he croaked.  His voice was low and raspy, barely above a whisper like he was sick and had lost the ability to speak.

I lowered my hands and eyed him skeptically.  “You followed me this far for a light?”

He nodded and wiggled the cigarette between his fingers as proof.  “No one has even acknowledged me all day and I found the cigarette this morning.  I really just want to smoke it.  I’m sorry I scared you.  I’m sick and I lost my voice last night so I’m having trouble calling out to people and they just keep walking away.  I guess I got desperate.  I’m really sorry.”

Suddenly, all my fear was replaced by shame.  I pulled my lighter out of my pocket and handed it to him.  “Keep it.  I have another at home.  How long have you been sick?”

“Thank you so much,” he said, immediately lighting the cigarette.  He inhaled deeply and savored it for a moment.  After the second drag, he answered my question.  “I’ve been sick for about two weeks now.  I think it’s just a cold from being out in the rain, but it’s taking a bit to ease off.”

His struggled to explain his situation through the raspy whisper and I got a bit worried for him.  He sniffled and then coughed before dragging on the cigarette again.  His cough definitely expressed congestion and I grew concerned for him.  If he got pneumonia, he could die.

“Would you like me to take you to the hospital?” I asked.  “I’ll go with you so they actually take care of you.”

His eyes lit up.  “Would you do that?  Thank you so much.”

I smiled.  “Sure.  Wait here and I’ll go grab my car.”  He nodded and I hurried to my apartment, glad for the ability to help him and grateful the situation wasn’t what I had initially taken it to be.

As I pulled up beside the man and he got into my car, I was glad he had picked me to chase home.  I was glad I was there to help him.

The Path

Turn the page of destiny to see what will unfold
Will you find there wondrous things, amazing to behold?
Or is your future outlook bleak, full of sadness, strife, and woe?
Considering the path you’re on, what does your fate line show?

Know decisions made today will find you later on
For once an action has been done, it cannot be withdrawn
And every action’s consequence shapes what comes to be
So when you look down your life path, what is it you see?

The choices that you made today – did they further your life goal?
Did they bring you happiness or further stain your soul?
Did you speak in kindness or help someone today?
Or did you hide from others and lock your heart away?

Once the words inside your mind escape into the air
And you act upon decisions made, ensure you are aware
That you can’t take your actions back, they follow you around
And shape the destiny to which you always will be bound

So make decisions wisely and choose your words with care
Provide your friend a helping hand, ensure you do prepare
For the future comes much quicker than any do expect
As you walk through daily life, what path do you protect?